Private Circle Of Care – The I am OK App brings your family into a private circle via iamok request callinvitation, simply making it easy to know that your loved ones are OK.

I am OK – will let you know that your loved one has started their day simply by picking their smart device up.

Location sharing –  helps you know where your loved one is, and provides them with the same information.

Reminders and alerts – Share the load and help your loved one to remember appointments, when to take medications or important dates like their brothers birthday.

Get help when you need it. Users can easily iamok phone reminderssend an alert to all of the people in your Private Care Circle to call you or provide assistance.

Let your family know you are OK – Family can track how you are feeling and connect with you when you need them most.

Order products and services – Have access to reputable products and services such as meals and therapies that suit your specific needs and wants.

S.O.S Plan –  A central location to communicate what to do if you cannot get in contact with your loved one.

Invite only –  You build your private circle of support through invitations that you control.