Start Every Day Knowing your Loved Ones are OKiamok phone app

I Am OK is a FREE App that has been developed to help bring peace of mind to family members and loved ones – even if they are not close by.

The I Am OK App helps you do this by enabling families to connect, communicate and provide remote care for their loved ones who may be living alone.

I Am OK. For your loved ones, when you can’t be there.

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How can the I Am OK App help?


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Private Circle Of Care – The I am OK App brings your family into a private circle via iamok request callinvitation, simply making it easy to know that your loved ones are OK.

I am OK – will let you know that your loved one has started their day simply by picking their smart device up.

Location sharing –  helps you know where your loved one is, and provides them with the same information.

Reminders and alerts – Share the load and help your loved one to remember appointments, when to take medications or important dates like their brothers birthday.

Get help when you need it. Users can easily iamok phone reminderssend an alert to all of the people in your Private Care Circle to call you or provide assistance.

Let your family know you are OK – Family can track how you are feeling and connect with you when you need them most.

Order products and services – Have access to reputable products and services such as meals and therapies that suit your specific needs and wants.

S.O.S Plan –  A central location to communicate what to do if you cannot get in contact with your loved one.

Invite only –  You build your private circle of support through invitations that you control.


I am OK is an App that helps with communications and care when family and friends may not be living nearby to loved ones. This technology brings peace of mind to family members.

I am OK does this by helping families connect, communicate and provide remote care for their loved ones who may be living alone.

Click here to email us or call our team on 1300 30 CARE (2273) if you need more help

Quick Video Guides

Click on the boxes below for a quick video tutorial on how to get started with the I Am OK App, adding a care recipient and a simple overview of I Am OK for a family member or loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does I am OK cost?

I Am OK App is free for you to use. 

How does I am OK work?

I am OK uses a combination of activity on the phone and mood surveys to confirm that people are OK – that they are active and up and about.  

The app connects all family/friends/carers in the care recipient’s circle of care. When the care recipient uses their phone, family users know they are showing activity, and when and where.

The app also facilitates a shared calendar for reminders for important reminders like appointments, medication and other chores.

The app can also be used to send out a request for a call back to all family/friends in the circle of care.

What new features are coming soon

There are some great new features that will be available via the I am OK app soon.

– Requesting services and products from approved and preferred providers;
– Action plan for when the family are concerned about the wellbeing of their loved on;
– Setting alert rules so that family can get alerted if they have not had any activity from mum or dad within a defined timeframe;
– Connection to sensors in the home environment.

How do I get support for the app?

Please email us here and one of our team members will get back to you soon.

Please include your phone number if you would like a call back.

Alternatively, you can call our customer support line on 1300 30 CARE (2273) and one of our team will assist you

Can I provide feedback about the app and its features?

We welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve I am OK.

Any feedback on the current functionality and interface as well as suggestions for new features will be welcomed.

Please email your feedback to team@iamok.care

I am OK is available on the Android and App Stores. You can scan this QR code or click on the links.


Find out how the  I am OK App is providing peace of mind for users across metropolitan and regional locations.